About the conference

The 17 th International Conference on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control aims to :

  1.  initiate exchanges of academic experiences in aspects of the environment resulting in finding solutions in environmental management for the present and in the future, and
  2. create academic cooperation and common approaches to resolve environmental problems at the regional and global levels.


Theme Description
1. Wetlands, Water quality and Biodiversity Influence of wetlands on water quality, biodiversity and ecosystem services
2. Use of Wetlands for Pollution Control Storm water or wastewater treatment for industry and community, phytoremediation
3. Wetlands and Water Reclamation Water reuse, reclamation water utilization
4. Wetland Operation, Design and Improvement Wetland operated design, implementation and system architecture and engineering
5. Pesticides, Persistent Organic Pollutants and Emerging Pollutants Emerging chemicals and agrochemicals effects on human, biodiversity and wetland
6. Wetland and Economic Benefits of wetland such as agricultural, aquaculture, irrigation, ecotourism and waste utilization
7. Social Impact and Community Well-being Social awareness and driving force on wetland management, public participation, education, policy and planning
8. Wetland Conservation and Restoration Using wetland for remediation of deteriorated environment
9. Wetland and Climate Change Wetland and the atmospheric change such as CO2 reduction, methane emission and climate change
10. Modeling and Remote Sensing of Wetland Data management, modeling and remote sensing investigation the situation of wetland based on spatial and temporal information

Submission Guideline

Activity Date
1. Abstract submission deadline 12 June 2020
2. Notification of abstract acceptance 24 Jul 2020
3. Deadline of full paper submission 19 Sep 2020
4. Notification of full paper 14 Oct 2020

Abstract Guideline (** Abstract is required for all presenters) The abstract should be written in English using the given template which can be downloaded below. The abstract should be submitted both in MS Word and PDF file.


*Note : For fast and further tracking, please name the file in following format: Surname of the presenter.doc and Surname of the presenter.pdf For presenters who submit more than 1 abstract, please add the number after the presenter in the file name i.e. Wan_1.doc and Wan_2.doc

Full paper submission


For further inquiry please contact us using icws2020@gmail.com

The committee of the ICWS2020 will invite the presenter from oral presentation to submit the full papers in the proposed journal :

Water Science & Technology

Aims and Scope Water Science and Technology publishes peer-reviewed papers on all aspects of the science and technology of wastewater treatment and water quality management worldwide. This encompasses five broad areas :

  • Wastewater treatment and transportation processes for stormwater and domestic, industrial and municipal effluents
  • Sources of pollution including hazardous wastes and source control
  • Effects and impacts of pollution on rivers, lakes, groundwater and marine waters
  • Water reuse and aquatic environmental restoration
  • Policy, strategy, control and management aspects of water quality

Impact Factor : 1.624


Technical visit

           During this conference, the 1 day technical visit will be arranged for all participants. The Royal Initiated Project Laem Phak Bia, Phetchaburi will be the destination of this conference where the living wetland and mangrove is the main attraction on this route. The Royal Initiated Project Laem Phak Bia is one of the King Rama the IX projects where the use of natural processes is used to treat the wastewater before release it to the natural medium such as the sea via the mangrove. As the theme of 17 th International Conference on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control is “Eco-sociohabitat” where the ecosystem lives in harmony with the community, the participants will see the wetland which is still used for treating the nearby municipal wastewater and observe how this wetland and mangrove are a part of the local lives. The community has been living with this mangrove and wetland for years using it for treating their wastewater and getting aquaculture for their daily life. Moreover, the bird lovers may have a chance to spot wild birds migrating to the area during the time when the conference will be held.
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